Due to the Corona pandemic we are currently pausing our service. Once the situation got better we will resume our service and provide you with unforgetable moments in our lovely city!

In the meantime, we are constantly creating little quiz videos about Cologne to prep you up for your stay :)


Our Free Walking Tour at 11am in the morning. On the weekend we add one more in the afternoon at 3pm. Choose the time that fits best to your itiniary.


Explore Cologne’s rich beer and bewery culture during our Bewery Tour. Or enjoy the evenings with our Old Town at 6pm from Wednesday to Friday.


If you want to get special tour which is solely focussed on your individual requirements, let us know. We prepare an unforgetable experience for you. Simply contact us.

Daily tours at 11am! On Saturday and Sunday even 2 tours per day at 11am and 3pm! Prior booking is required. The tours start at Rudolfplatz in front of McDonalds. All in English (Spanish upon request) and subject to availibility. The tours are free but tip is of course appreciated.

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Due to the Corona pandemic the city of Cologne has banned all events and entertainment services as of Sunday (15th of March).
To comply, we can therefore no longer operate the tours for the time being.
We wish you the best of health and hope to see you soon!


Whatever you are looking for. We will give our best to make it happen.

Standard Walking Tour

Our most frequent and established tour. Perfect for starting of in Cologne.

Old Town Tour

Explore the Old Town of Cologne and witness it’s colorful past and present.

Brewery Tour

No visit in Cologne without visiting a ‘Brauhaus’. We take you to the best!

Individual Tour

You are looking for a special event only for you. Join us and we  will make it happen.

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Contact us

If you have any questions or enquiries to our tours